Cleopatra Beach, Alanya, Turkey

Cleopatra Beach is not only Antalya, but also one of the most popular beaches of the Mediterranean Region. Over 2 million tourists visit this beach annually.


This beach is located to the west of the historical peninsula of Alanya, a district of Antalya. It starts from the end of Damlatas Cave. The length of the beach is approximately 2 km.

Damlataş Cave is right at the entrance of the beach. Therefore, it is commonly known as Damlataş Beach. 

Characteristics of the beach

Kleopatra Beach is a blue flag beach. The length of this beach is about 2 km. The sea on the beach is quite shallow. In this region, the sea is shallow up to 8-10 meters and then deepens. Cleopatra beach which is quite spacious is very clean. It is possible to watch the fishes and the natural beauty of the seabed when swimming with sea goggles.

It is a fine sandy beach. Located right at the foot of Alanya Castle, this beach has perfect sea and sand.

The beach is named after Cleopatra, the Egyptian Queen. According to legend, Roman general Antony gave Alanya and its environs to Cleopatra, the Egyptian queen. Cleopatra, the last Hellenistic queen of ancient Egypt, is told to swim in the crystal clear waters of this beach.  legend has it that Queen Cleopatra went down to the beach every day to take a bath.

The small bay of the beach, which extends towards the peninsula and consists of large stones, is called Cleopatra Bay. Cleopatra Bay is characterized by its clear water. 

Entrance Fee

Entrance to the beach is free. It is not compulsory to hire sunbeds and umbrellas at the beach. With your own umbrella and towels, you can come to a suitable place of the beach and create a special environment for yourself.

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