Colophon in Ancient Ionia: Land of Xenophanes

Hisyory of Colophon

Colophon, which is believed that the famous philosopher and poet Xenophanes lived in, was one of the most important cities of the Ionia. It’s believed that this city which was the only Ionian city, not to be built by the seaside. This city was founded by Ionian settlers in the 9th or the 8th century BC. It formed a strong union with the Port of Notion and Claros. It’s on the shortest route connecting Smyrna with Ephesus and Notion.

The city was located to the southwest of a hill.

This city was settled throughout the Lydian, Persian, Seleucid and Pergamon periods.

The poet Mimnermos came from Colophon.

Location of Colophon

Colophon is located near Değirmendere village. 

City Map

Topografic Plan Of Colophon, Soruce:

Sightseeing in The City

Ruins of the city  had been started unearth 1886. Then excavation work started in 1922 in this area.

There are a few ruins in the city, little has been preserved from the ancient city. An threewalled vaulted antechamber (in Turkish ‘eyvan’) which dates back to the 4th century B.C., survived to present day in a good condition and it is the most outstanding one.

Admission Fee

Admission to Colophon is free of charge

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