Derinkuyu Underground City, Cappadocia, Turkey

Derinkuyu Underground City, which is one of the deepest, widest and most amazing underground cities of Cappadocia, is located in Derinkuyu District of Nevşehir Province.

This underground city was first discovered in 1963 and was partially opened to visitors in 1967. It is thought that it was made against the Arab-Sassanid raids and used for military purposes during the Seljuk and Ottoman periods.

Derinkuyu Underground City is named after the drinking water wells that reach the depth of 60-70 meters. In Turkish “Derinkuyu” means “deep water well”. These water wells also function as ventilation chimneys. Moreover, during the sieges in the region, some of these wells were not connected to the earth to prevent the enemy from mixing poison with water.

8 floors of this underground city with a depth of 50 meters are open to visitors. It is estimated that the total number of floors of the city can reach 12-13 and its depth can reach 85 meters. It is thought that approximately 50,000 people can live in this Underground City at the same time.

The touristic area of ​​the city which is open to tourism is 2500 square meters.

This city consists of eight floors. The structures on these floors are listed below.

1st Floor: On the first floor of Derinkuyu, there is a winery, baptistery, barn and missionary school. In this section, which consists of several rooms, there are cavities where animals can eat and drink water. There are living rooms on the right and left of the corridor that goes down from the first floor to the second floor.

2nd Floor: On this floor, there is a living room, kitchen, kitchen-related units, rations warehouses, mustard and grape crushing place.

3rd Floor: There is a ventilation space going down to all floors of the underground city, and storage tanks.

4th Floor: This floor also has storage rooms and living and sleeping rooms.

5th Floor: The fifth floor, which is reached by a narrow and long gallery starting from the third floor, is considered as the connecting center of the city. There is a ventilation shaft that connects with the earth. On the 5th floor, at the end of the gallery coming from the third floor, there are shelves, ventilation chimney, and rooms connected to each other in the continuation of the ventilation chimney.

6th Floor: This floor consists of a tunnel connecting the fifth floor and the seventh floor. On both sides of the tunnel are the rooms used for daily living. There are two-door rooms on the tunnel. There are also places on the tunnel that are thought to be a tunnel control point.

7th Floor: The seventh floor supported by three columns is the largest area of Derinkuyu. There are a water well and a burial chamber on this floor where a cross-planned church is located. At the center of this floor, there is a room that is supposed to be used as a meeting room.

8th Floor:
It consists of a small chamber with only one ventilation shaft inside.

Derinkuyu Underground City Entrance Fee

The entrance fee to the underground city is 35 TL. Museum card holders have free admission.

Derinkuyu Underground City Visiting Hours

Summertime is available from 15 April to 2 October. Summertime opening 08:00 and closing 19:00.

Wintertime is applied between 3 October / 14 April. Wintertime opening 08:00 and closing 17:00.

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