Horseback Riding (Safari) in Capapdocia

“The land of beautiful horses” (ancient name of Cappadocia) can best be seen on the back of its legendary mounts, riding through wild valleys and ancient settlements.

Horseback Safari is a group activity that enables you to enjoy the harmony of the horse and the rider with nature. This riding tours include visits a lot of cultural or natural beauties: underground cities, rock-hewn byzantıne cave churches, fascinating valleys. However, the route of each tour may be different. Therefore, it is useful to obtain information about the route before purchasing the tour service.

You shuld know that there may be some areas where you may be required to dismount  the horse and walk and then mount the horse again.

And some companies limit the riders weight on the progressive trail up to 90 kg.

Every group has an experienced guide who knows the region thoroughly. The quide will be with you for assistance but you will be expected to handle your horse during the tour.

It is not possible to arrange the tours for 1 person, tour companies need  minimum of 2 people.

Tours generally include transportation to/from hotel…

Tours generally last 2, 4 or 6 hours (full day), but most of them can last the whole day. However, multi-day tours, with tent or hotel accommodation, are also possible in Cappadocia. Some tour companies offer multi-day rides around Cappadocia and for guests looking for more of a riding adventure.

Tour services are available from May to October.

Tour prices are almost the same in all companies. Generally; One-hour tours —> 30 €, 2-hour tours —> 40 €.

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