Konak Square and Clock Tower

Throughout history, İzmir has been a port city and Konak has been the city centre of İzmir. Following recent restorations this area has also been turned into a recreational centre, and thus is now a lively spot throughout the day.

In the square can be seen: – the monumental statue of Hasan Tahsin, who fired the “first bullet” at the occupation forces during the War of Liberation, the Yalı Mosque decorated with tiles from Kütahya, the Clock Tower, the Municipality Building and the Governor’s Office.

The Clock Tower, which is a symbol of İzmir, is located at Konak Square, and is a favourite meeting place for today’s residents of İzmir. The Clock Tower was designed by the Levantine French architect, Raymond Charles Père in 1901 in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the ascension of Abdülhamit II.

In the construction, the use of iron and lead elements between the cut stone meant that the tower was rendered earthquake resistant. The clock in the tower was a gift from Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany to Sultan Abdülhamit II of the Ottoman Empire as the symbol of their personal friendship besides the Turk-German friendship.

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