Konyaaltı Beach of Antalya, Turkey

Konyaaltı Beach is one of the two main beaches of Antalya. This beach is one of the most famous beach of Antalya, Turkey. Konyaaltı Beach is located on the western side of Antalya city center, in Muratpasa district of Antalya. 

This beach is one of the longest beaches of Antalya and Turkey. The length of the beach is about 7 km. Beach starts from the variant at the end of the cliffs and continues until the harbor.

The beach has a small pebble beach. Sea is deepening after just 2-3 meters.

Behind the beach, there are many bars, cafes, nightclubs and entertainment venues, great beaches for hiking and sports. It is bound inwards by the beach park and numerous bars, cafes, nightclubs and hotels.

The beach is patrolled by lifeguards. The free of charge changing rooms and the showers are available for all visitors on the beach

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