Lagina: House of Moon Goddess Hekate

Lagina Hekate sanctuary is located within the boundaries of Turgut Town of Yatagan District of Mugla Province.

Temenos of the Lagina was an important cult center of Carians. Recent research shows that the region has a continuous settlement from the old Bronze Age (3000 BC) to the present day. The Seleucid kings made the religious center of the Lagina sanctuary with great reconstruction work.

The temenos of Lagina includes the propylon (monumental gate), the sacred road, the altar (sacrifice and altar), the peribolos (the wall surrounding the sanctuary), the Doric Stoas and the Hekate temple.

Hekate is a very mysterious, Anatolian, Carian-origin goddess who is not among the 12 gods of Olympos.


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