Our Rights in The Coasts and the Beaches in Turkey


The legal status of the coast in Turkey is regulated by article 43 of the Constitution and the Coastal Law No. 3621.

Right of use beaches in Turkey

Everyone has the right to freely use the beach in Turkey. According to Coastal Law No. 3621, coasts are open to equal and free use by all. No one can prevent others from entering the beach. No one can close the shores and beaches with walls or fences.

Entrance right to the beaches

Access to the beaches is completely free. No one charges for the entrance to the beach. It is forbidden to prevent others from entering, especially at beach clubs and on the beaches in front of the hotel.

You don’t have to pay any fee to enter the beach. Citizens have the right to use the beach and the sea freely. However, after you enter the beach, if you make use of facilities such as sun loungers offered by the beach club has the right to charge fees. Businesses, sun beds, showers, umbrellas, lodges that they offer are entitled to charge for the facilities such as.

Do i have to rent sunbeds or umbrellas?

You don’t have to rent sunbeds or umbrellas on the beaches. You can use your own umbrellas and sunbeds.

What can i do?

You have the right to call police or mayor officers and record a report if beach businesses, hotels or beach clubs prevent you from entering the beach.

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