Phaselis Ancient City and Beach, Kemer, Antalya


Pahselis is an old sea-port city dating back to the 7th Century BC. This ancient city is an extraordinary natural wonder where history, nature and sea meet.

Location of the Phaselis Ancient City

This ancient city is situated at the foot of Mt. Tahtalı (Olympos). İt’s located 15 km south of Kemer Disctrit of Antalya.


Phaselis Ancient City is founded in 693 BC by the people of Rhodes. There are myths that the city was founded by Argos or Lindos colony in 691 BC. Together with the Lycian region, the city was taken under Persian domination by its commander Harpagos in 546 BC .

Than, for many years, the city was the most important harbor of the Lycia and one of its important cities. When the Union weakened, the city came under the rule of pirates. With the dominate of the Byzantine Empire, the rule of pirates ended. The city became a bishopric in  the Byzantine period .

City Plan and Structures of the City

The settlement of the city of Phaselis covering  nearly 28,8 hectares. The city is divided into three sections: North and West Settlement and Acropolis.

City plan of the Phaselis drawn by Schafer, 1981, source:

The city is divided into three sections: North settlement, acropolis and west settlement.

There are amazing ruins such as agueducts, agoras, baths, a theatre, Hadrian’s Gate, and an acropolis in Phaselis. This ruins underline the city’s historical importance.

The city had three ports; the northern harbor, the southern harbor and the war harbor.

Phaselis Beach

Phaselis has 3 beautiful beaches. Every port of this ancient city is also a beautiful bay. This beach is one of the most beatiful beaches on Antalya and Turkey. The sheltered, pebbled and sandy beaches around the bays are delightful and the waters here are calm and safe for children and young swimmers.

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Beeachs has no sunbeds and no umbrellas.

Cable Car Journey (Teleferik) to Mt. Tahtalı (Olympos)

You should also try cable car journey to Mt. Olympos when you go to Phaselis. Olympos cable car facility is the most popular tourist attraction in the region and is an unforgettable activity holiday in Turkey.

The view of Mt. Tahtalı from the south harbour is particutarly spectacular.

How to Go Phaselis Ancient City

If you are going with your own vehicle you must turn south from the 57th kilometer of Antalya-Kumluca Highway. After following the path you should get tickets at the entrance of the ancient city. Afterwards, you can park your car near the point where you want to swim and which port you want to enter.

If you don’t have your own car, you can also use the minibuses departing from Antalya, Kemer and Tekirova to reach Faselis. Minibuses take down passengers in the box office area. Once you get down here, you can walk to the area where the beaches are located within 10 minutes by the forest.

Opening and Closing Time

April 1 – October 1
Box-Office Summer Opening/Closing Time: 08:00/19:00
Summer Visit Opening/Closing Time: 08:30/19:00
October 31 – April 14
Box-Office Winter Opening/Closing Time: 08:00/16:30
Winter Visit Opening/Closing Time: 08:30/17:30

Closing Day:
The first day of religious holidays is closed until noon.


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