What to Eat İn Canakkale, Turkey

The Canakkale cuisine bears the traces of traditional Aegean and Mediterranean cuisine. Therefore, it is not surprising that seafood occupies a large part in Çanakkale cuisine. Among the regional dishes of Çanakkale, seafood and fish varieties are in the foreground.

It is possible to find fresh fish and seafood in each season.

Canakkale is a city famous for its sardines. So it is possible to eat sardines in any season of the year. Especially sardines in vine leaves are very famous. Sardines are eaten in all seasons, but in June, July and August, the fish is greasy and more delicious. Therefore, it is recommended to eat during these months. In winter, bluefish is more delicious.

Scorpion soup is prepared by blending scorpionfish with various vegetables and spices.

Tumbi is another local dish; made by bulgur, onion, tomato, and eggplant after blending with the oven.

In addition, the halva of Çanakkale is very famous.

The Eceabat district of Çanakkale is famous for its wines. This region has mild climate characteristics. Adding to this mild climate, sea climate, forest air and the winds of the region, wine production is quite suitable. The characteristics of the region are more advantageous and specific for the selected grape varieties than the most important regions of the world.

You should also taste the wines produced by traditional methods in Gökçeada and Bozcaada.

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