Wiyanawanda: Wine of Urgup, Cappadocia, Turkey

Cappadocia is famous for its vineyards and the wines made from these vineyards dating back to the Hittites. Cappadocia was one of the first wine-producing areas. It is known that grapes were grown and wine was produced in this region since 2000 BC. Wine-producing began seriously in Asia Minor at around 2000 BC during the Hittite era. Considering that Cappadocia is adjacent to Mesopotamia, one of the first places where wine is produced, it is better understood how old the wine production was.

The Hittites created wines classifications and began exporting wine to countries of the Assyrian and Sumerian empires. It is understood from the historical finds uncovered in this region that the wine was called “wiyana” and that Anatolia was called “wiyanawanda” in the sense of wine country during the Hittites.

Why Wine and Grapes are so Common and Famous in Cappadocia?

The reason why grape cultivation and wine production in Cappadocia is so widespread and fertile is due to the tuffaceous volcanic soil specific to the region. This tuffaceous soil formed by the crushing of the lava sprayed by the volcanic mountains provides the vines with high-quality grapes and does not allow the vine lice, the number one enemy of the vines, to survive.

In addition, artificial caves carved from the rocks in the region have created a suitable climate for stocking both grapes and wine. Keeping the heat constant and cool in summer and winter, these caves offer the ideal heat for use as a cellar. The constant temperature also ensures that the natural aroma of the wine is preserved during fermentation.

Buy Wines and Taste Wine in Wine House in Ürgüp

Today, wine production is widespread in Ürgüp district of Nevşehir.

It is possible to buy wines produced in the region or to taste wine in wine houses. You can find various different grape varietals in Cappadocia, the best-known are Kalecik Karası, Öküzgözü, Boğazkere, Narince and Emir. Some of the local wines are produced using modem techniques, while there are still some locals using age-old traditional production methods.

If you want to taste local wines and enjoy the night, we recommend you to visit one of the wine houses. At the famous wine houses of Ürgüp, local wines are served to visitors in authentic terracotta decanters and ceramic goblets.

Wine Tasting Tips in Cappadocia

When tasting wine, it is useful to note:

To feel the stimuli such as smell and taste more sharply, you need to taste wine when you are hungry, where your tasting senses are the most powerful.

First, taste the wines made from soft flavored grapes. Leave the wines made from hard flavored grapes to the end.

Make sure that the grapes in which the wine is produced carry the scent and that there are no odors such as vinegar, cooked cabbage, and sulfur.

When tasting wine, after two glasses you change the taste perception of your palate and perceive them as if they were all the same. So start by tasting the two products you are most curious about. Do not try more than two.

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