Ancient City of Priapos: Birth Place of God Priapos

Ancient City of Priapos: Birth Place of God Priapos

Priapos was an ancient port city located in Karabiga Village of Biga District of Canakkale. The ancient city of Priapos was a colony of Miletus. 

The vineyards and wines of the city of Priapos were famous.

The city is named after Priapos, the god of fertility in Greek mythology. It is assumed that Priapos, a local Anatolian god, was born in Lampsakos (today Lapseki). Priapos was considered the god of masculinity, sexuality, power, reproduction, and fertility. The cult of Priapos was spread in ancient Greek and Roman times, with people's expectations of sexual and physical power, power, material abundance and fertility from God.

Location of Priapos

This ancient city is located near Karabiga which is a lovely fishing village today within the Biga District of Canakkale.

History of Priapos

Priapos was founded in the 7th century BC. There are two versions of how the city was founded: According to one of them, the city was founded by Greek settlers who arrived on the coast of the Marmara Sea from Miletus. On the other version, the city was founded as a colony of Cyzicus.

Priapos was one of the first members of the Attica-Delos Naval Union which were established between 478-477 BC.

As a result of the Battle of Granikos between the army of Alexander the Great and the Persian Army in a few kilometers south of the city (near the current Çınarköprü Village), the city came under the rule of Alexander the Great. According to Arrianos, the city surrendered before the war began.

After Alexander’s death, the city changed hands among the successors of Alexander the Great and finally came under the rule of the Pergamum Kingdom. After the Pergamon Kingdom, the city came under the rule of the Roman Empire. During Roman rule, Priapos was united with Parion.

The city was later ruled by the Byzantine Empire. During the Byzantine period, Priapos became the episcopal center. and (after the Byzantine Empire) Ottoman Empire.

Priapeium and Priapeia

The writings on the statues of Priapos and the songs written in his honor were called Priapeium. Inspired here, the type of erotic poetry in Latin literature is called Priapeium.

The festivities held in honor of God Priapos were called Priapeia. In these festivals held in the cities of Priapos and Lampsakos, male donkeys were sacrificed to God Priapos. Women wore flowers.

Buildings in Priapos

No detailed excavation was conducted in the region. The ruins of the city are located in a large area.

City Walls

The biggest tourist attraction of Karabiga is the remains of city walls, situated beautifully in the hills about 2 km from the town center. It is accepted that these fortress walls, which are located on the western part of the city, 650 meters long, supported by 24 towers, are the strongest city walls of the Troas Region.

Port of Priapos

According to Strabon’s Geographica, the port of the city is smaller than the port of Parion. In the same work, it is said that the port located between the port of the city of Kyzikos to the east and the port of the city of Parion to the west, and therefore could not grow further.


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