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1 Eki, 2019

Ancient City of Tlos, Turkey

The ancient city of Tlos, which lies on the east side of the Xanthos valley,…

28 Eyl, 2019

Ancient City of Kaunos: Symbol of Dalyan, Muğla, Turkey

Kaunos Ancient City Kaunos, located in the Dalyan district of Muğla Province, is an ancient…

21 Eyl, 2019

Mor Gabriel Monastery, Mardin, Turkey

General Information About Mor Gabriel Monastery The Monastery of Mor Gabriel is one of the…

18 Eyl, 2019

Deyr-ul Zafaran (Mor Hananyo) Monastery, Mardin, Turkey

Deyrul-Zafaran Monastery, which dazzles with its magnificent architecture, is one of the most important centers…

15 Eyl, 2019

Kirklar (Mor Behnam) Church, Mardin City Center, Turkey

Kırklar Church, located in Shar District in Mardin city center, belongs to Assyrian Ancient (Old)…

12 Eyl, 2019

Tur Abdin Region (Mardin, Batman and Şırnak Province) of Turkey: Land of the Religious Tolerance

Tur Abdin Region Tur Abdin Region is the name given to a mystical region in…

11 Eyl, 2019

Syriacs (Assyrians): Lost Nation of Tur Abdin Region in Turkey

The word Syriac is used to refer to Christians living in Tur Abdin and belonging…

20 Ağu, 2019

Most Beatiful Destinations of Turkey

Turkey is located between Asia and Europe continents. Turkey is a large peninsula that bridges…

20 Ağu, 2019

General İnformation About Turkey

General Information About Turkey Turkey is a republic governed by democracy. It's formal name is…

8 Ağu, 2019

Can Foreigners Drive A Car in Turkey?

Can a foreigner drive a car in Turkey? Foreign citizens can drive their vehicles with…

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