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The Lycian Way: World’s Best Long Distance Trekking/Hiking Route

The Lycian Way: World’s Best Long Distance Trekking/Hiking Route
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The trekking route known as the Lycian Way is a 535-kilometer trekking route from Fethiye to Antalya. This route sometimes passes through the coastline and sometimes through the mountains.

General Information About The Lycian Way

Lycian Way is Turkey’s first long-distance hiking trail. It’s also one of the best long-distance hiking routes. The Lycian Way was researched and marked in 1999 by the amateur historian Kate Clow.

This route was created by combining the paths in the historical Lycian region. Lycia is one of the most interesting regions of Anatolia in terms of its historical and natural riches. The ancient cities in the region called “Land of Light” in ancient times are almost intertwined with nature. In fact, the track, which consisted of independent roads, was combined for the first time in the Roman period and a Lycian Way was formed in the form of a long and wide network.

Today, it offers incredible beauties to local and foreign nature lovers.

Lycian Way Route

The length of the road is approximately 535 km. The entire route is marked and maintained by sponsors and volunteers. The Lycian Way route is marked with red and white paint from beginning to end, so you don’t have a chance to get lost. But in some places, the marks can be erased or distant, so it’s better to have a map with you.

The route is graded medium to hard. It has many ascents and descents as it approaches and veers away from the sea.

However, keep in your mind that in some areas there are rocks that need to be dropped down and go down, while in some areas there are only areas that can be crossed by rope.

It takes about 40-45 days to walk all the way to 540 kilometers. But you can walk a certain part of the trail as many hikers do.

Is the Lycian Way Trekking Safe?

The Lycian Way route is extremely safe. Naturally, there is no serious danger except for animals such as scorpions, snakes and pigs. However, you should also take a first aid kit with you.

Do I Need a Guide to Trek on the Lycian Way?

On this route, some travel agencies organize trekking tours. However, it is also possible to walk without a guide in single or in groups. The signs on the road are enough. However, GPS coordinates of trekking route and mobile map applications are also common. The application of the Cultural Routes Association, the Lycian Way application is very useful.

Where To Stay on the Lycian Way…

There are hotels in many places on the trekking route. In trekking/hiking organized by agencies, usually; certain accommodation is made at one or several hotels. Your belongings stay at the hotel and are moved to the next destination by the agency.

Another option is to stay in the hotel and carry your belongings by yourself on the trekking route.

The last option is to camp anywhere along the trekking route. But in this case, you will need to carry your bags and materials yourself.

Highlights of the Lycian Way

The cliffs of Butterfly Valley, Patara Beach, Spectacular views over Baba Dagi, stunning descent to Faralya, climbing Mount Olympos, splashing in the canyon at Goynuk.

Ancient Cities on The The Lycian Way Route

Some ancient cities on the walking path starting from Fethiye: Sdyma, Pyndai, Phellos, Apelia, Theimussa, LetoonXanthos-Letoon, PataraAntiphellos, Apollonia, İdyros, Simena, Demre (Myra)Lymra, Gagae, Olympos, Sura, Belos, Phaselis.

Which is the best season for the Lycian Way walk?

The summer months in the Lycian region are very hot and humid. Therefore, the best season for walking on this route is spring and autumn. The most ideal months are March, April, and October, November. If you are planning to swim during the walk, you can set your hiking time as May or September.


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