Haleplibahce Mozaic Museum, Sanliurfa, Turkey

Haleplibahce Mozaic Museum, Sanliurfa, Turkey

In Haleplibahce Mozaic Museum, mosaics unearthed from Haleplibahce region are exhibited.

In 5th and 6th century, Haleplibahce region was an important part of the ancient city of Edessa. As a result of the coincidence mosaic in the infrastructure works in this region, excavations were carried out in four different places in 2007-2009, and Saray, Hamam and a Geometric Villa were unearthed.

The palace consists of rooms lined up around a large rectangular hall located between two symmetrically placed inner courtyards.

The mosaics found on the ground of Saray, Hamam and Villa date back to 3. and 4. centuries BC.

The most famous mosaic in this museum is the mosaic floor depicting Amazon queens (Penthesileia, Melanippe, Thermodosa, and Hippolite) while they are hunting lion and leopard. This mosaic is the only sample known to depict Amazon warriors on a mosaic.

Amazon warriors are frequently mentioned in mythology but their appearances are not known.

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The mosaics found on the ground of Saray, Hamam and Villa exhibited in this museum.

The museum charges an admission fee; however, Şanlıurfa Archaeology Museum tickets include free entry to this museum.

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