Historical Places in İzmir Turkey

As a modern and developed city, Izmir is an important center of culture, art, tourism, and trade. It attracts tourists because of its historical (archaeological) and natural beauties. Izmir has a well-deserved reputation due to its richness of it’s natural and historical assets.

Izmir, where the master of poets Homer was born, has lots of natural beauties, a rich cultural and historical heritage, beaches, thermal waters, and spas. So, this city, known as “Beautiful İzmir” in Turkey, offers visitors many options for a unique holiday experience. It is possible to find a large variety (such as thermal, mountain, religion, sea, coast, health, history, youth, skiing, disabled, agro, fair and congress) of tourism in almost every district of Izmir

Throughout thousands of years, İzmir has been home to many civilizations. This city is the center of civilizations and mythology in ancient Ionia. So, İzmir has many archaeological and historical assets.