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6 Oca, 2019

Claros: The City of Soothsayers in Ancient Ionia

Claros, one of the twelve Ionic cities, is a city that served as a prophecy…

6 Oca, 2019

Churches and Synagogues of İzmir

Izmir is really a multicultural city. Christians and Jews have been live in this city…

6 Oca, 2019

Smyrna Ancient City: City of The Amazons

History of Smyrna Ancient City According to the geographer Strabon, Smyrna was the most beautiful…

5 Oca, 2019

İzmir: 8500 Years Old City

As a modern and developed city, Izmir is an important center of culture, art, tourism,…

22 Ara, 2018

Myra (Demre) Ancient City: Rock Tombs and St. Nicholas

The ancient city of Myra is best known for St. Nicholas and famous especially for…

22 Ara, 2018

Patara: The Birth Place of Apollo and Santa Claus

Patara was a principal harbor of ancient Lycia and one of the main commercial centers…

22 Ara, 2018

Antalya: The Capital City of Turkish Tourism

Antalya is a beautiful coastal city located in the Mediterranean region of Turkey. With its…

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