Churches and Synagogues of İzmir

Churches and Synagogues of İzmir

Izmir is really a multicultural city. Christians and Jews have been live in this city as well as Muslims. Therefore, there are many religious and cultural buildings in Izmir. 

Churches ın Izmir

Church of Saint Polycarp (İzmir Church): Oldest church in İzmir

This church is the oldest church in İzmir. It was built in 1625 with the permission of Süleyman the Magnificent, in honour of St. Polycarp. The church dedicated to Polikarp was one of the first disciples of St. John, and later became Saint. Saint Polycarpe which lived between the years of 69-155 is known as the ’Protector Saint of Izmir Saint.  It is believed that this church was built in the area of ​​the ruins of the church of Izmir, one of the seven churches mentioned in the Bible.

This church is located at the intersection of Gaziosmanpaşa Blvd. and Necatibey Blvd.

This Church is famous for its glamorous frescoes and wall decorations. These are restored by Architect Raymond Charles Père in the 19th century.

Frescoes and wall decorations depicts the killing of Saint Polycarp by the Romans in the ancient stadium at Kadifekale. Saint Polycarp, the spiritual father of Saint Irenaeus.

Saint Irenaeus, a disciple of Saint John the Evangelist, was a bishop and a martyr. 

While restoring the Church Raymond Charles Père depicted himself as someone watching the event helplessly because of his hands tied and Mary Père, his daughter, as the child Mary in the scene “The Saint Mother and Child Mary” on the sidewall of the northern nave.

This church is open to the public every day throughout the year.

Church of St. John

Construction of this Church, where evangelist Saint John’s tomb is situated, began in 1862 and services started in 1874. Ottoman ruler Sultan Abdülaziz donated a large sum of gold for financing the construction of this church.

The cathedral was built in a neoclassical style.

The main altar was a gift from Pope Pius IX. Both Protestant and Catholic American communities presently use the church.

Church of Saint Helen

Located in the District of Karşıyaka bearing the signature of Raymond Charles Père, the Church of Saint Helen is the most monumental example of recreating the Gothic style. The church was built on a plot of land donated by the Levantine Aliotti family following permission by Abdülhamit, the Ottoman emperor of the time.

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