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8 Ağu, 2019

Carian Way: Turkey’s Long-Distance Hiking Trail

Covering the provinces of Muğla and Aydın, "Carian Way" is Turkey's longest distance hiking trail…

7 Ağu, 2019

Our Rights in The Coasts and the Beaches in Turkey

The legal status of the coast in Turkey is regulated by article 43 of the…

28 Tem, 2019

Best Camping Areas of Antalya

Maden Bay Camping Area, Kemer District, Antalya Maden Bay (Atbükü Bay) is located in the…

3 Tem, 2019

Turkey’s first balloon festival will begin in Cappadocia

Turkey's first balloon festival with the participation of 15 balloons from 11 countries starting July…

28 May, 2019

Rules in Archaeological Protected Areas in Turkey

I prepared this article because i thought it is necessary to known "Rules in Archaeological…

14 May, 2019

Cappadocia Travel Guide: All You Need to Know

Cappadocia, meaning the Land of Beautiful Horses in the Persian language, comprises the provinces of…

8 May, 2019

Adıyaman: Kingdom of Komagene

Adiyaman is located to the west of the Southeastern Anatolia Region. The history of Adıyaman,…

8 May, 2019

Sanliurfa: Jerusalem of Anatolia, Gobekli Tepe, Prophet Abraham

This city is known as the birth of the Prophet Abraham who had fought with…

21 Nis, 2019

Filigree (Telkari): A 5000 Year Old Handicraft From Anatolia

Filigree is a handicraft made by combining small motifs created by bending silver in fine…

8 Nis, 2019

Sagalassos Ancient City, Burdur, Turkey

Sagalassos is one of the best-preserved ancient cities in Minor Asia. Recently, it was placed…

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