Sanliurfa: Jerusalem of Anatolia, Gobekli Tepe, Prophet Abraham

Sanliurfa: Jerusalem of Anatolia, Gobekli Tepe, Prophet Abraham

This city is known as the birth of the Prophet Abraham who had fought with paganism. Also, Moses is believed to be a shepherd in the mountains of this city.

Believing that the city was blessed by Jesus Christ, the city was called the Holy City by Christians.

Şanlıurfa, known as the “Jerusalem of Anatolia”, is one of the oldest settlements on the Silk Road, neighboring Syria in the Southeast Anatolia region of Turkey. Being located at the intersection of trade routes connecting the East to the West has attained strategic importance to the city.

Şanlıurfa is a very old city, where agriculture was first made, the first university was set up, three celestial religions sprouted, the fire did not burn Prophet İbrahim, different cultures lived together in harmony and hospitable people resided for eternity. It is regarded as a holy site by Jews, Christians, and Muslims alike.

Many other monuments of ancient civilizations, which have remained buried for thousands of years, are being brought to light one by one by archaeological workings throughout the city.

According to data gathered through the excavations in Balıklıgöl, Nevaliçori, Göbeklitepe and other areas in the city, Şanlıurfa has a history going as far back as 12,000 years. The World’s oldest statue, which has the size of a real human being, from 12,000 years ago was unearthed in excavations around Balıklıgöl.

Şanlıurfa is also called “The city of Prophets” for being host to many prophets throughout the course of history. Serving as a cradle of civilizations with its historical richness, the city has been a center of tolerance as the meeting point of different religions, languages, races, cultures, and civilizations.

Must-See Historical Places of Sanliurfa

Gobekli Tepe: Zero Point of the Time and World’s First Temple

Haleplibahce Mozaic Museum, Sanliurfa, Turkey

How to Go

There are scheduled flights from Ankara, İstanbul, and İzmir to the Şanlıurfa Airport by Turkish Airlines. You can arrive Ankara, İstanbul, and İzmir and than fly to Şanlıurfa. Or you can choose connected flights via Ankara, İstanbul, and İzmir.

For guests flying in from outside of the Province, buses are supplied by HAVAŞ, an airport, and ground handling services company, to the Şanlıurfa city center, from which buses belonging to the Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality can be taken from the Abide bus stop to the Göbeklitepe Archeological Site. Transportation is also even easier with your own personal vehicle.

Where to Stay in Sanliurfa

There are many five-star hotels in Sanliurfa. Some of them are listed below:


Adress: Balıklıgöl Civarı, Yeni Mh. Lekler Cd. No: 155 Eyyubiye, Sanliurfa ,Tel: 0414 215 44 11, e-mail:


Adress: Abide Kavşağı Atatürk Blv. No:3/A Haliliye/Sanliurfa, Tel: 0414 318 80 00 e-mail:


Adress: Atatürk Mh. Meteoroloji Cad. No:1 Haliliye, Sanliurfa, Tel: 0414 318 25 00, e-mail:


Adress: Karakoyunlu Mah. 11 Nisan Fuar Cad. No : 54  D:1 Eyyübiye, Sanliurfa, Tel: 0414 318 50 00 e-mail:

When Should You Go to Şanlıurfa?

The best time to go to Sanliurfa is May and October because in these months the temperature is lower than in the months. Especially in the summer (July, August, and September) the temperature reaches 60 degrees Celsius.

Where To Visit İn Sanliurfa

You should visit and sea in Sanliurfa;

Balıklıgöl (Halil-ür Rahman Gölü)

Aynzeliha Gölü

Eyyüp Peygamber Makamı ve Camisi

Rizvaniye Cami

Hz. İbrahim’in Doğduğu Mağara ve Dergah Cami

Tarihi Şanlıurfa Çarşıları

Şanlıurfa Arkeoloji ve Mozaik Müzesi

Haleplibahçe Mozaik Müzesi

Şuayb Şehri, Harran

Soğmatar Antik Kenti, Harran

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