Chimaera: The Fire Breathing Monster

Chimaera: The Fire Breathing Monster

The Chimera (Yanartaş), the eternal flames on a rocky mountainside above Çıralı village near Olimpos in Antalya province, Turkey.

North of Olympos, up from Çıralı Beach, is Chimaera (Yanartaş) (at a height of 300 m) where, according to mythology the fire breathing monster, Chimaera, was slain by the Lycian hero Bellerophon who was mounted on his winged horse Pegasus.

Yanartaş is a magnificent natural wonder at an altitude of 250 m above sea level, 600 meters from the seaside of Çıralı. The flames are most dramatic at night.

The flames are burning a sort of methane gas that has been venting from the earth on this rocky slope for thousands of years.

Nearby you can see remains from the Byzantines who attached religious importance to the area.

Tranguil waters and sandy beaches line the Bay of Adrasan, situated south of Olympos. This enchanting bay is yours for an unforgettable experience of water-skiing on glassy water, for discovering the colourful marine life in waters clear enough to see to the bottom, or exploring the incredible sea caves on the northern shore.

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