Koprulu Canyon National Park: Rafting in a Historical River

Koprulu Canyon National Park: Rafting in a Historical River

Koprulu Canyon National Park is a paradise of the world, the country’s most popular rafting area. The national park is perfect for hiking, or to explore the ancient ruins, or just enjoying the dramatic Mediterranean scenery.

Located in the Manavgat district of Antalya province in Turkey, Koprulu Canyon National Park is a stunning natural wonder that attracts visitors from all over the world. Famous for its crystal clear waters, dramatic gorges and lush forests, the park is a popular destination for adventure seekers and nature lovers alike.

Location Of Koprulu Kanyon National Park

Koprulu Kanyon National Park is in the Manavgat district of Antalya province. Northeast of Antalya on the Side road take the turn-off for Tasagil and Beskonak (Beşkonak), for the beautiful circular, scenic route that leads to the National Park.

Geography and Wildlife

Koprulu Canyon National Park covers an area of 366 square kilometres. It is home to a diverse range of wildlife including deer, bears, wolves and over 100 species of birds. The park is located along the Koprulu River. The river flows through deep gorges and valleys, creating breathtaking waterfalls and pools of emerald-green water.

It is declared in 1973 as a national park, covers of 35.719 hectares.

Source of map: http://nationalparksofturkey.com/koprulu-canyon-national-park/


This National Park is at the middle of many natural beauties in a fertile valley. Canyon continues for 14 km along with the Koprucay River.

Koprulu Canyon National Park is one of Turkey’s natural wonders, offering a wide range of outdoor activities for visitors of all ages and interests. The park’s stunning canyons, crystal clear waters, and diverse wildlife make it a must for anyone visiting Antalya province. Whether you prefer rafting, hiking, camping or canyoning, Koprulu Canyon National Park is the perfect destination for an unforgettable adventure in nature.

Koprulu Canyon National Park has a rich flora including red pine, black pine, cedar, fir, oak varieties and wild olives.

Oluk Bridge on the Koprucay River and Bugrum Bridge on Kocadere Stream are wonderful samples of Roman engineering. The bridges dates back to the 2nd century AD.

Selge Antique City is located within the borders of the National Park. The theater, the agora, the temples of Zeus and Artemis, the cistern, the aqueduct, and the stone-paved historic road of the Selge Ancient City dating back to the 5th century BC are among the ones to be seen in the national park.

Things to Do in Koprulu Kanyon: Outdoor Activities

The park offers visitors a wide range of outdoor activities including rafting, hiking, camping and canyoning. Rafting is one of the most popular activities in the park, with several companies offering guided trips down the Koprulu River. The river is classed as level 3 and 4, making it an exciting experience for both beginners and experienced rafters.

For those who prefer to explore the park on foot, there are numerous walking trails that wind through the gorges and forests. The trails vary in difficulty, with some easy routes suitable for families with children, while others require a higher level of fitness and experience.

Camping is another popular activity in Koprulu Canyon National Park and there are several campsites throughout the park. The campsites are well equipped with basic facilities, including toilets and showers, and offer stunning views of the surrounding landscapes.

Canyoning is a relatively new activity in the park and involves traversing narrow canyons and gorges using a combination of climbing, abseiling, and swimming. The park offers several guided canyoning tours, providing an exhilarating and unforgettable experience for thrill-seekers.

  • Rafting on Koprucay River beneath the historic Roman bridges: Koprulu Canyon is a river suitable for rafting, starting at the town of Sutçuler (Sütçüler) of Isparta district, reaching the sea in Antalya.
  • Nature photography: Both sides are surrounded by steep and impossible hills, while underground sources feed the Kopru River forming one of the most striking natural areas in Turkey.
  • Visiting archaeological sites: You can visit Selge Antique City.
  • Geological formations
  • Hiking and camping
  • Eating: At the resting area, there are fish restaurants offering delicious food, especially fresh trout.

Rafting in Koprulu Canyon National Park

Rafting is one of the most popular activities in Koprulu Canyon National Park, and it’s an experience that visitors won’t soon forget. The Koprulu River is a Grade 3 and 4 river, which means that it offers a thrilling and exciting rafting experience suitable for both beginners and experienced rafters. The river flows through the deep canyons and valleys of the park, and the crystal-clear water provides a stunning backdrop for your adventure.

Rafting in Koprulu Canyon National Park is suitable for visitors of all ages and fitness levels, and it’s a fun and exciting way to experience the natural beauty of Turkey. Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly adventure or an adrenaline-fueled experience, rafting in Koprulu Canyon National Park is a must-try activity for anyone visiting the Antalya province.

As you make your way down the river, you’ll encounter rapids of varying difficulty, ranging from gentle waves to more challenging drops and whirlpools. Your guide will give you instructions on how to navigate the rapids and will help you steer the raft through the twists and turns of the river.

One of the highlights of rafting in Koprulu Canyon National Park is the opportunity to enjoy the stunning scenery of the park. You’ll pass through lush forests, rocky canyons, and valleys filled with wildflowers, and you’ll have the chance to swim in the crystal-clear water and relax on the river banks.

Most rafting tours in Koprulu Canyon National Park last for around 3-4 hours and cover a distance of approximately 12 kilometers. The tours are led by experienced guides who are trained in safety procedures and are familiar with the river’s currents and obstacles. They will provide you with all the necessary equipment, including helmets, life jackets, paddles, and rafts.

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