Can Foreigners Drive A Car in Turkey?

Can a foreigner drive a car in Turkey?

Foreign citizens can drive their vehicles with their valid driver licenses in Turkey. To drive in Turkey, the driver must present a valid national driver’s license that has been held for at least 2 years. As a general rule, tourists and all foreigners can use their own home country driving license in Turkey for up to 6 months starting from the day that they enter.

How Foreign Drivers Can Use The Car in Turkey?

Can foreigners drive in Turkey with a driver’s license issued in their country? What do foreigners who wish to use vehicles in Turkey need? Foreigners with a driver’s license for driving in Turkey which is arranged in their own countries are regulated in Article 88 of the Road Traffic Regulations.

Can I use my driving license in Turkey?

According to this article;

Foreigners have the right to drive for 6 months with the Driving License issued in their own country.

When the six months’ period is over, foreign residents must acquire a Turkish license to continue driving. At the end of six months, in order to use vehicles in Turkey, foreign driving licenses must be replaced with a Turkish driver’s license. Drivers who do not change their license with a Turkish driver’s license will be fined. These are considered to be non-licensed drivers. The driver whose driver license validity period has expired is given an administrative fine of 343 Turkish Liras and the driver’s license is revoked.

It is not possible to change driving licenses issued by states which are not parties to the International Road Traffic Convention. Only the International Driving License (IDP) can be converted into a Turkish driving license.

The International Driving License (IDP) is a document issued in accordance with the International Road Traffic Convention signed in Geneva on September 19, 1949, enabling citizens to use their vehicles outside the country of residence.

Foreigners must keep their driver’s license, passport, and vehicle license with them all the time.

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