The Troy Culture Route: Archaeotrekking From Troy to Assos

The Troy Culture Route: Archaeotrekking From Troy to Assos

General Information About Troy Culture Route

The Troy Culture Route, a 120-kilometer touristic footpath, is a project  carried out by the Çanakkale History and Culture Foundation (ÇATKAV) and the Governorship of Çanakkale. This project is supported by Ministry of Culture and Tourism, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Anadolu Efes.

This Project aims to preserve the cultural identity and heritage of the villages from Çanakkale to Assos, while strengthening the relation among visitors and the community.

The project’s goal is to make the route available for trekking and biking and bring social and economic development to the villages on its way as a result.

Troy Culture Route

The length of the road is approximately 120 km. The route consists of several stages. So, it is also possible to do shorter or thematic tours.

It starts at Troy, the city made immortal by Homer’s verses in the Iliad and ends at Assos.

Archaeological Areas on Troy Culture Route

There are many archaeological areas on Troy Cultural Route. Some of them: Troy (where the Trojan Wars took place), scamandros, Dalyan Ancient Harbour, Alexandria Troas, Antique Roman Way, Roman Bridge within the borders of the Tuzla Plain, Apollo Smintheion Sacred Court, Assos, Achilleion, Aias Tumulus, Coşkuntepe (Bademli), Hanaytepe (Bozköy), Troy Museum, Atticus Baths, Cezayirli Hasan Pasha Pavilion, Kumkale War Grave.

Do I Need a Guide to Trekking on the Troy Culture Route?

Some travel agencies  (for example organize trekking tours on Troy Culture Route. The tours are generally for 14 people. However, it is also possible to walk without a guide in single or in groups.

Entire route would take about 5-7 days depending on your pace.

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